The discoloration is a professional professional hair care technique which consists in opening the scales of the hair to remove the pigments, whether natural or artificial, in order tolighten the hair.

The objective may be to achieve a "goodeffect sun"effect, such as a blond or even white. It is possible to lighten up to 8 shades above for blond and light browns or up to 2 to 3 shades for hair dark to black hair.

salon bleaching

It is possible to perform a bleaching on all the colors of hair colorsprovided that the hair are natural.

It is also possible to bleach a hair colored hair, but the process will be more restrictive, because it is difficult to remove the artificial pigments.

Since it consists in chemically removing the pigments from the hair, the bleaching necessarily damages the hairto a different degree depending on the technique chosen. Nevertheless, it is quite possible to maintain a good quality of hairquality, as long as you take care of it with the right products.

Scanning, highlights and decoloration whole head are three techniques techniques, but they all require the use of a powder to lighten the hair. powder which is a product bleaching product professionaland an oxidizer in cream (more or less strong), depending on the degree of lightening and the tone desired tone.

white discoloration
discoloration result

The bleaching "classic" bleaching consists in applying the product uniformly product, from the roots to the tips, looking for a lightening without any contrast.

Scanning consists in lightening the lengths in a diffuse way while keeping the contrast with the the natural natural color. Sometimes even keeping the natural roots to obtain a effect depth effect.

The highlights allow for more extensive lightening, which is often achieved by wrapping the hair in cellophane or aluminum.

The result remains contrasted but is less blended than with the scanning technique.

After bleaching bleaching the hair, the hairdresser generally proceeds to the application of a patina depending on the desired result.

The bleaching technique depends on the amount of time and care you are willing to give your hair. hair.

Hair bleaching is a technique that can that can sensitize the hair. It should be done at your hairdresser after a personalized diagnosis of your hair andand your expectations in order not to further weaken a damaged hair damaged hair.

setting in situation discoloration