First of all it is essential to know that to have hair beautiful and long hair, you must have your hair in good healthy. 

To have a hair growth, you need to take and strengthened, it is necessary to take care of your hair and its scalp in depth.


1 - Use the right care for your hair

For this, the moment of diagnosis between the hairdresser and the client is very important so that the hairdresser recommend the right shampoo and hair care products adapted to your hair.

To strengthen and stimulate the growth of your hairuse oilsserums and masks that will nourish and moisturize your hair.


2 - Cut your hair to make it grow better

Although it may seem amazing, you have to cut it to make it grow! To keep a hair despite all the products you can use, you must regularly refresh the ends regularly.

To pass the shoulders, we recommend to cut your tips every 2 months to keep a perfect hair and a structured cut.

3 - Massage the scalp

 To stimulate hair growth hair, we focus on the scalp that we will take care to pamper and massage gently (3 to 5 minutes of massage) to loosen the scalp and activate the blood circulation.

4- Protect hair from heat

To maintain healthy healthy hair and not to attack it when drying or styling, don't forget to use a protective cream against the heat of a curling iron or styler.

It only takes a few minutes to apply a protective mask to your hair and it makes a real difference.

apply cream to protect your hair

5 - Brush your hair daily

A tip You may have heard it before and it's not a myth, brushing your hair is hair 50 to 100 times a day will revitalize your hair naturally and stimulate blood circulation by getting rid of the impurities accumulated on the hair.

From hair and healthy hair and long hair are maintained on a daily basis!