The hairstyle is the art of arranging or modifying your appearance, giving a new life to your face. 

Yet finding the right hairstyle that matches your face and her morphology is not easy because many parameters are to be taken into account!

There is a wide range of settings, especially for women and all their hair typologies hair :

  • hair long,
  • hair medium-length hair,
  • hair short,
  • hair with or without bangs or locks,
  • hair straight, wavy, frizzy or curly,
  • a cut straight or gradient,
  • a natural color or a stain,
  • a scan...

To orient ourselves among all these these hair typesthe hairdresser will look at the shape of your face to see what might best suit you:

1. A face round :

we play on the volume ! With a face face, it is important that the hairstyle does not "pack you in". We opt for volume in roots. If you have hair hair, you can wave it for more volume. volume.

For of hair short hair, avoid absolutely avoid straight bobs or hairstyles or "ball" hairstyles. We will have a tendency to prefer the hair medium to long hair to give the the impression of lengthening the face instead of compressing it.

A woman with face can opt for a wick on the side rather than a bangs bangs.


2. A face square :

to soften the hard side that can give a face square at the level of the jaw and the chin. We adopt the hair that we emphasize with a cut or asymmetrical cut while letting the hair live.

The haircut to avoid and which hardens the features of your face: the short boyish cut.

3. A face oval :

this shape of face is the luckiest one because it is well balanced in length and width of the forehead to chin.

With this natural balance, you can afford anything and dare adopt any hairstyle!


4. A face triangular :

with a face in the shape of a triangle or triangle inverted triangle, avoid the cuts straight cuts, prefer a plunging base.

That the hair are short or long, we bet on the volume and especially not on cuts and straight cuts.


5. A face in a diamond shape:

we soften the cheekbones with cuts with unstructured cuts, the hair rather long or half-long hair that can be highlighted with a strand and tapered.


Once you have defined with your hairdresser the ideal cut ideal for your faceyou can highlight it with a coloring or a balayage to highlight it and bring out the light. You can of course also keep your color natural color!

Your hairdresser is your ally to enhance your beauty and find THE cut that will sublimate you !