Article SHADOW

There are different types of highlights that can be used to meet the expectations of clients, as well as different hair types and colors. 

One of the best known is the ombré balayage, in which the hair is lightened on the ends by pressing the color on the ends and fading up to the roots for a natural result.

At Lucie Saint-Clair, we use a Shadow Signature balayage to bring contrast between the luminous lengths and the depth in the roots. This light/dark is achieved with a Lucie Saint-Clair Signature sweep for light and patina work on the roots for a natural, blended result with optimal neutralization. 


To achieve a pure color result and detoxify the hair of all metals, we associate the Shadow Signature balayage with the Metal Detox protocol. 

The metal detox protocol composed of a spray, shampoo and care has for promises and results :

  • -87% less breakage*.
  • Long-lasting color

* Instrumental test: metal detox mask

** Intrumental test: shampoo + metal detox mask

Good to know: 

Metals are present in water, are invisible and accumulate every day in the hair. They come from different sources: 

- Shower water, more or less concentrated in metals depending on the geographical location and the quality of the water pipes. 

- Swimming pool water, river water, sea water. The porosity of the hair fiber also plays an important role in the absorption capacity. The more porous the hair, the more metals it absorbs.

These metals do not pose a health risk, however, the metal deposit inside the hair fiber is responsible for the breakage and irregularity of the color results, not the metal on the hair surface.


At Lucie Saint-Clair, the Shadow is available in two packages: 

- The package SHADOW SIGNATURE BALAYAGE (recommended for the person who needs to create light in the lengths) consisting of :

Lucie Saint-Clair signature sweep + 2 patinas + Metal Detox Protocol + shampoo, care, blow dry 

- The package SHADOW SIGNATURE (for people who already have a sweep and luminous lengths to which we recreate a darker and natural base in the root) composed of :

  • 2 patinas + Detox Metal Protocol + shampoo, care, blow-dry